*SPOILER*: Bran is Always Watching // Reactions to the Game of Thrones S8 Premiere


>> WARNING: this post contains spoilers - read at your own risk! <<

The wait is over, and Game of Thrones is back with its final season (no, I’m not crying, you’re crying). Like most everyone out there, my family specially subscribed to Crave TV/HBO just to watch what is pretty much the best TV series ever - if you haven’t seen it yet, it is worth the watch! Drama, romance, action, thrill, politics, “history”, costumes, special effects, epic music… you name it, it has it. Anyways, I was telling a friend that watching the GoT episodes while they’re being released is a special experience for me, because this is the first time I’m doing that for the series. I only REALLY started watching it last year… after watching the first 4 episodes of the series back in 2012, and then rewatching those same episodes in subsequent years (think I’ve seen them 4 times now…) because I was always unable to continue past that (friends, you really just have to get through the first season, then you’ll be officially hooked). I’ve become quite invested with this season (explain later), so I wanted to document this memorable moment for me, with the help of official GIFs so it’s not all boring.

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If you watched the episode, share with me your reacts; would also LOVE to talk about fan theories!
(Also, I did post this a week late, so any thoughts about E2 are also welcome!)

All GIFS unless otherwise stated from Game of Thrones @giphy.

  • THAT NEW, DARK OPENING with the broken wall (still hurts a bit)

  • THAT MUSIC WHEN DANY ENTERS! (in S1 it’s Baratheon’s theme, titled ‘The King’s Arrival’, but now it’s for our KWEEN)

  • Dany and Jon riding together! With the rest of the cast OMG everyone is together!


  • OH MY GOODNESS the army is freaking HUGE (but not enough to beat the White Walkers… /sadface)

  • Missandei and Grey Worm riding together. My loves. Please don’t let their ending be a sad one (but I have a bad feeling GW is gonna die…)

  • It’s DROGOOOOONNNNN - look at mama dragon smiling at her babies 

  • That Bran and Jon reunion, my heart 

  • Bran laying it on THICC about the White Walkers (boy, give your brother some time to take this all in)

  • Lady Mormont is a teenager I do NOT want to cross

  • Lol what is this sense of rivalry between Sansa and Dany? Or should I say, resentment…?

  • After all these years, why did they suddenly bring Gendry back? My hypothesis: make swords of dragon glass!

  • "I used to think you were the cleverest man alive.” - Sansa to Tyrion (ouff…)

  • Bran is watching

  • That Arya Jon reunion is everything, my heart is satisfied

  • "She's the smartest person I've ever met." - Arya about Sansa. Aww sisterly love!

  • What goes on in Cersei's mind though, really 

  • Oh? New blonde character with Euron? From the Golden Company (but like… what is their significance?)

  • “No elephants? That's disappointing.” Same here, Cersei, same here…

  • “You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her.” - Cersei to Euron (yes, you show that arrogant man who’s boss)

  • The silence in the script is so effective, wow! And the minimalism in the text!

  • Side note: my dog has been drinking water for 2 minutes. You okay there, boy?

  • Cersei is still going on about the elephants, I love it

  • "I'm going to put a prince in your belly." - Euron to Cersei. Oh ye of little knowledge… (unless she is LYING! HMMM)

  • THEON CAME TO RESCUE YARA! Is this is redemption for all the traitorous things he did in the past?

  • "A proposal is what I'm proposing.” Nice play on words there, Ser Davos!

  • JON RIDES A DRAGON OMG YES WE WERE RIGHT! ONE POINT! (context: my mom, her coworkers, and their families (and myself of course) are doing this GoT death pool to bet who will die this season, and whether some fan theories will be true or not - “Jon will ride a dragon” was one of them)

  • Wowza that waterfall place is GORGEOUS (wish it were real)

  • Drogon watching Jon when he kisses Dany is like a protective father idk why I found it so funny  

  • Gendry is helping make swords of dragon glass I CALLED IT!

  • "You look good." - Gendry to Arya, and all the little flirting in between (ship ship ship!!!)

  • "I never wanted a crown." - Jon. So… will he end up on the Iron Throne??

  • HE SAID HE’S A TARLY! In front of Dany who told him EVERYTHING! Oh NO! My poor Sam…

  • Once again, BRAN IS WATCHING

  • “You've always been a king.” - Sam to Jon. OMG… I don’t like where this is going but OMG!



  • I'm freaking out that Jon knows OMG why am I freaking out so much???

  • Basically Jon: “So I've been f***king my aunt. Great.

  • Potential fight for the crown/throne between Dany and Jon? Oh nos!

  • Where are Tormund and Beric right now? I’m lost…

  • TV is crap I can't see anything, everything is just darkness (hello darkness, my old friend…)

  • "Stay back, he's got blue eyes." - Eddison. "I've always got blue eyes." - Tormund. This joke killed me (ha. ha. I’m so funny.)


  • Okay that was messed up. And just plain old creepy. GoT is not for the faint of heart, my friends.

  • I saw it coming but still that was creepy (still talking about the White Walker scene)

  • Real question though: how long has Jaime been riding for…?

  • BRAN. IS. ALWAYS. WATCHING. (it’s become the best new GoT meme on the Internet)

  • And it ends just like that… I need more.