Winter Came: The GoT Live Concert Experience



Not… a lot more to be written on the blog. There were a bunch of REALLY INTERESTING instruments that were played by flautist Pedro Eustache, including some that were exclusively built and created for the concert (e.g. flexible didgeridoo, 14ft long “wilding horn”). At one point, the violinist, Molly Rogers, was suspended in the air with an I-don’t-know-how-long dress that spilled over the ground. Featured vocalist Stevvi Alexander was amazing and I was utterly impressed by her large vocal range. Also, Djawadi got up out of the conductor’s chair and showcased some of his own musical talent too, playing the hammered dulcimer, electric guitar, and organ for a couple pieces. I managed to capture some snippets of the concert - was focused on enjoying the music this time around, and sliding down my seat, hand on my heart, fangirling.


Who else is psyched for s8? Bring on the winter!