Coffee Shop Capriccio

A tall, toasty-warm cup of vanilla hazelnut (with sprinkles of cinnamon) sits snugly in my chilled hands. An ode to joy, the speakers festively play. Traces of snow sleep on the frosted windowpanes as dolls of marzipan and sugar plum fairies waltz around. Their delicate toes touch the needles of the pine as they giggle a "hello". Taking in a deep breath, cold air tingles my nose. Mistletoe dangle over doors, ready for a sweet Christmas' kiss. Poinsettia and Holly find their place by the birch floor, a bright red and golden duo. Jingle Bells sing their song as passerbys join in. A jolly Santa Claus with his bulbous belly sways his hips in time, singing along with a little "Ho-Ho-Ho". Rudolph and his reindeer are prancing about above. Little men and women of gingerbread and sweets take a step outside their house to join the dance. As victims of Jack Frost wander in for a midnight snack, a gust of peppermint and cocoa fill the air. Stars shine brightly, awaiting the Saviour's birth. Here, in this cozy coffee shop, a capriccio is composed. A celebration, a party, a welcome, a haven. An ode to the new season.

Written by: Cynthia Y