Local, Organic & Sustainable: Brunch at Café Belong

The bird's nest light outside of the  Café Belong  entrance | ebbony&lune

The bird's nest light outside of the Café Belong entrance | ebbony&lune

Throwing it back to Victoria Day weekend last year, my parents and I took a trip to Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto for The Brewer's Backyard beer festival. But before that, we stopped by at the on-site restaurant - Café Belong - for afternoon brunch. As we hadn't planned this out beforehand, and therefore had no reservation made, there was a long wait for a table - a little 'note to self' moment for our next visit. We used that time to look around the Evergreen Garden Market, just across.

Café Belong is owned by one of Canada's top chefs, Brad Long. As "an active advocate for sustainable farming and ethical treatment of livestock", all ingredients used at the restaurant are local and organic, with a goal to be a sustainable business (Café Belong, 2017).

Café Belong Interior: Bar | ebbony&lune

Café Belong Menu | ebbony&lune

My first thoughts when I entered the restaurant were 'hipster' and 'rustic' - the wooden and brick decor, water served in swing-top glass bottles, various drink brands you usually can't find at a local grocery store, chalkboards, a rotating seasonal menu, mason jars... and a very impressive bar. 

But not so hipster that items like avocado toast or deconstructed food were on their menu, or that their food was served on random, questionably objects. 

I had the St. Lawrence Salad, my dad the Grilled Italian Sausage, and my mom the Chai Tea Rice Pudding. We also ordered a creamy Tomato Soup and some buttermilk biscuits (which were absolutely DELECTABLE, by the way).




St. Lawrence Salad

Greens, Grains, Nuts, Fruit and Cheese with Browned Butter Vinaigrette 




Grilled Italian Sausage

with Crispy Fingerlings, Confit Cherry Tomato & Ramp, Spicy Tomato Jam, Salsa Verde and a Poached Egg






Chai Tea Rice Pudding

Fresh Fruit, Puffed Quinoa & Shaved Coconut

Despite it being only brunch items (which I am not particularly fond of in comparison to lunch or dinner), it was a very enjoyable meal. If only it weren't so far away from where we live...


Challenge: Cook a meal with only local ingredients