Bao: The Bar You Never Knew You Needed

Kimchi Fries, Seoul Beef Bao & Chicken Katsu Bao | ebbony&lune

Kimchi Fries, Seoul Beef Bao & Chicken Katsu Bao | ebbony&lune

No, not that kind of bar (though they do serve alcoholic drinks), a sandwich bar.

Bao Sandwich Bar is a local gem where university students often flock. They specialize in Vietnamese-style sandwiches (Báhn Mì) and Taiwanese steamed buns (Gua Bao), the former being a product of French colonialism - a baguette filled with native Vietnamese ingredients, and the latter a popular street food in Taiwan markets. 

It's been around for a year or so, but I only recently visited it for the first time. And since then, it's been a go-to choice for whenever I need to grab a quick meal from somewhere nearby (I got my roommate super into it as well). 

My first meal at  Bao : Seoul Beef Bao & Chicken Katsu Bao | ebbony&lune

My first meal at Bao: Seoul Beef Bao & Chicken Katsu Bao | ebbony&lune

Each item on the menu can be made with either a baguette, or a bao. As the baos are fairly small, I typically go with two of them, or one baguette - it totals to about the same price anyways. Though, I recommend the baos over the baguettes - they are much softer, tastier, and cuter! Kind of reminds me of a pillow, to be honest...

I've tried a total of four of the different types of sandwiches they offer. My favourite is tied between Chicken Little and Chicken Katsu (yes, I like my chicken). Some of my other friends really enjoy Dynasty Duck

Chicken Little

Avocado Banger

Fried chicken, with bao sauce, sweet soy, lettuce, and green onions.

Slices of crispy breaded avocados with their famous bao sauce.


Chicken Katsu

Dynasty Duck

Japanese style fried chicken, with garlic mayo, tonkatsu sauce, lettuce, green onions, and togarashi flakes.

Pecking style roasted duck, with hoisin garlic mayo, cucumbers, green onions, and fried duck bits.


Kimchi Fries

Seoul Beef

House fries, topped with garlic mayo, kimchi, bulgogi beef, and onions.

Bulgogi beef, with garlic mayo, cucumbers, kimchi, and green onions.


For the full menu, visit:

Avocado Banger Bao & Chicken Little Bao | ebbony&lune

Avocado Banger Bao & Chicken Little Bao | ebbony&lune

Aside from their sandwiches, their Thai Tea (spiced black tea with condensed milk) is also really quite delicious! Also, just a fair warning: if you're someone like me who cannot handle spicy foods (#toospicy), I wouldn't recommend the Seoul Beef nor the Kimchi Fries - they are really good, but definitely will make you down several glasses of water.

If none of the sandwich options on the menu appeal to you, or if you just want to try something else, there is also an option to make your own báhn mì. Or take a bite of their ice cream sandwiches (made with a cookie 'bao'). There is something for everybody at Bao.