The Kitchen Party Playlist: Songs from Newfoundland

After two lovely weeks in Newfoundland, my travels have come to a close. The province has provided me with so many beautiful things: nature, food, people, and of course, music. I mean, most of our souvenirs are music-related (no surprise there): musical spoons, 'ugly sticks', and a Bodhrán, amongst others. One thing I learned while I was here - other than the fact that Newfies love their deep-fried seafood and taters - was that they are a very musically talented bunch. A skipper who can also sing and play the accordion? Or a tour guide who is part of a popular local band? I swear, everybody on this island has a large musical bone in them. 

The towns there can get pretty remote, with only one local pub and a single general store for all your everyday goods. Where do they go to socialize and have fun? To each other's houses! A popular pastime and tradition in Newfoundland is the kitchen party, which is basically a gathering of friends and family who play music together. Music is huge in Newfoundland culture, and many of their songs comes from Celtic-based tunes - you'll see what I mean in just a bit. 

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We went to a couple dinner theatre shows, and even a shed party (larger version of the kitchen party), where multi-instrumentalist musicians performed traditional and popular Newfoundland & Irish tunes. Here are some of our favourites. Note: listen to the lyrics - they tell stories!



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Newfoundland's musical culture means a lot to me. Believe it or not, it was where my career as a music therapist started. My mom took a business trip to St. John's years ago - when I was about 6 - and met a music therapist, who was performing with Spirit of Newfoundland at the time. In high school (or maybe even before), mom told me about the career, and encouraged me to pursue it. And here I am now. So yes, I have Newfoundland to thank for my roots ☺ 

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The Kitchen Party Playlist