1. So as the sun gives way, the time grows nigh


So as the sun gives way, the time grows nigh;
The stars align; a path to meet again.
Our foreseen love so first do we deny;
Know naught but peace till days of Twelve and Ten.
A jar of glass; a world where thoughts collide,
Two minds connect - sheer truth, God's Providence.
Beats strong my heart, with you I do reside,
For leaves due fall to honour our commence.
Twas in your kiss your love for me you tell;
Swept in your arms with warmth do we caress.
Make we not first to speak our last farewell,
With heav'n to look upon, and us to bless.
        In thanks, with which we send towards the stars,
        Hold dear the memories of this love marked: ours.


Written by: Cynthia Y.


Happy Valentine’s Day! What more fitting than to post a sonnet (aka “Shakespearean-style love poem/letter”) that I wrote in my senior year. To be totally honest, I have NO idea how I came up with this/these verses/words. Looking at it, I'm amazed at what my 18-year-old self wrote.

This piece actually won in my high school’s Valentine’s Day sonnet contest; it was written for and tells the story of me and my boyfriend at the time, whom to this day, still remains one of my most valued friends.