Monthly Playlist: Candlelit Night (Piano Jazz)

When I think of the most relaxing night I can have, I picture myself sitting on my bed among fluffy pillows, a blanket underneath. I'd be wearing simple shorts and a tee, complete with my fuzzy reading socks. Surrounding me would be my fairy lights, and fresh aromas from either essential oils or candles. Soft jazz would be playing in the background, as a sip on a glass of moscato or champagne, writing away. The perfect night in. 

Recently, I've found myself listening to a lot of jazz, especially with piano - it creates a kind of mood in me; something good, relaxing, introspective, and even somewhat nostalgic. This playlist includes selection from Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, as well as the Kapustin pieces that I have played. And I dare say this is one of my favourite playlists that I have curated so far, so I hope you enjoy it too. Best to listen to in a dark and warm environment that is all your own.

FUN FACT: the piano on the cover photo is signed by the legendary Oscar Peterson... and I've had the honour of playing it every week for the last three years. Of course, it had a part in inspiring me to learn and to further appreciate jazz.

Monthly Playlist: Candlelit Night (Piano Jazz) - January 2018