I Like Free Stuff: Influenster x Le Petit Marseillais Body Wash

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I like free stuff!

Who doesn't right? Especially when this free stuff comes in the form of full-sized beauty/skincare products. Or if that's not what you're looking for, how about some hair products and tools, food and condiments, or even fitness goods? About a year ago, I joined Influenster - a place for people to read and write reviews of products they have purchased/tried. BUT that's not all: the more reviews you write (make sure they are of good quality too!) and the more you engage with the community, the higher your chances are for getting FREE STUFF! And by free, I mean you literally don't have to pay a single cent for shipping or anything; all you have to do is just write, and post on social media. Make effective use of your long, boring commute times (as I did last summer), and even save some dollars by writing!

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Staying fresh for the summer

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free for testing purposes.

I was pretty excited when I got this in the mail, because it was my first official VoxBox, even if it wasn't the usual full-sized product that is typically sent out. I actually have been looking for a new body wash (I like switching things up from time to time) that was more refreshing and light than what I currently have, so this came at the right time. (And then a few weeks later I received another VoxBox, but that's a story for another post.)


Le petit marseillais mandarin & lime body wash

LE PETIT MARSEILLAISยฎ Mandarin & Lime Body Wash gently cleans your skin. Its light and easy to rinse foam releases a zesty and citrus fragrance. Skin is left feeling soft, moisturized and refreshed. The extra gentle pH neutral formula makes this body wash suitable for everyday use. Paraben free. Phthalate free.

Other scents include: 

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My thoughts

The company advertises this body wash as extra gentle, light, citrusy and zesty, and moisturizing. When I opened up the packet, I was surprised by the viscosity of the body wash - it is not thick like the stuff I am used to, and that's a good thing! Light formula? CHECK! Also, a small amount can go a long way, as it foams up pretty easily. I particularly liked how the scent is nice and fresh - definitely featuring more notes of the citrusy mandarin than the zesty lime - and not too overpowering. As for moisturizing? I can't say that I found it to be particularly moisturizing, but it certainly doesn't dry out the skin. It's the perfect juicy choice for hot, humid summer days like today (over 40 degrees including humidex!) and I can easily say that I will be on a lookout for this body wash next time I go to the drug store. It's the light formula and the scent that has me pretty much sold (also the fact I get a small discount). As for the other scents/products that the company has, I'm thinking I might enjoy the Lavender Honey (though this is probably a thicker formula) and the White Peach & Nectarine (another fresh scent). Unfortunately, I couldn't see the packaging in person, but from the photos, it doesn't look anything special to me - this is one of the products where I definitely wouldn't be buying for its appealing packaging, but instead for its sheer quality.