21 Apps Every University Student Should Download

Been busy the last couple weeks packing and unpacking, cleaning and organizing, moving to a new apartment (I seriously don't know how those co-op students do it, moving every 4 months...) because alas, the shadow that is that new school year is once again looming over us. And with that comes student stress. And with that being said, I thought I'd put together a list of some handy apps every university student (or any student, really) should download onto their phones, pronto! These apps will will help you stay organized, boost productivity, and protect your health and wellness (VERY important; many of us forget about it sometimes amidst the school busyness).

I wish all you fellow university/college students, and every student out there, best success and good luck for the new school year, and hope that these apps will contribute to your well-being and overall positive educational experience.


The asterisk (*) indicates the apps I currently have installed on my phone.

Health & Safety


1. Circle of 6 (Android / iOS)

Originally developed for college students to prevent sexual harassment on campus. This app allows you to send quick messages and your location to 6 of your most trusted contacts for when you need to get home safely, or need a call for an intervention or interruption. It even provides direct access to associated hotlines and links for help and information. Circle of 6 has been advertised across many renowned magazines and TV programmes, and its use is also encouraged by the U.S. Air Force

For more information, visit: circleof6app.com


2. Daylio (Android / iOS)

A private diary that also helps you manage your activities and keep track of your moods. It also records the aforementioned data to help you understand your behavioural patterns and habits better. 

Website: daylio.webflow.io

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3. Drinks Meter (Android / iOS)

Drink Meter helps put your drinking into perspective, before it becomes too late. See how your alcohol consumption compares to others around the world, and track your drinking calories with virtual cheeseburgers. Be informed about your drinking choices and habits, and drink smartly.

Website: drinksmeter.com


4. First Aid - Canadian Red Cross (Android / iOS)*

Perhaps you have taken a first aid course some time in your life, but will you be able stay calm and remember all the steps when an emergency situation does arise? I know I wouldn't, which is why I'm so happy that the Canadian Red Cross developed an app for this very purpose. Preloaded in-app videos, animations, tips, and quizzes will help refreshen your first aid knowledge and skills, along with step-by-step instructions to guide you through everyday emergency situations, and the ability to call 911 from within the app. This is the one app that I urge EVERYBODY to download, because it's indeed a lifesaver.

(Other Red Cross First Aid and similar apps are also available in other countries)

For more information, visit this link.


5. MyFitnessPal (Android / iOS)*

MyFitnessPal is one of the best and most popular health and fitness apps out there. With the largest food database (over 6mil foods), the calorie counter will help people manage their weight, diet, and overall health. My favourite feature is finding specific foods using the barcode scanner – it beeps too!

Website: myfitnesspal.com



6. CamScanner (Android / iOS)*

You won't need to haul a big, heavy scanner to your dorm or apartment anymore. With this app, you can digitalize any paper material - all you have to do is snap a picture, and CamScanner will convert the document into a PDF, which you can then edit and share with others. 

Website: camscanner.com


7. Evernote (Android / iOS)*

My favourite on-the-go note-taking app, equipped with features like: notebooks, note sharing, and audio and handwritten notes, just to name a few. It also syncs to the desktop app, making everything easily accessible across all devices.

Website: evernote.com


8. Loop - Habit Tracker (Android / similar on iOS: Productive)*

Create and maintain healthy habits, and monitor their strength with a habit score. Afraid you might forget? Don't worry, you can set up personalized messages and reminders. Added bonus: it is completely ad-free! 

For more information, visit this link.

Source:   GBS Blog

Source: GBS Blog


9. Mindly (Android / iOS)

Organize your universe of thoughts and ideas with this visual relation-based mind-map app - it reminds me a bit of Sherlock's mind palace, or even Prezi. If you like to create study flow charts like me, this is definitely a great tool for you.

Website: mindlyapp.com


10. School Planner (Android / similar on iOS: My Study Life)*

I love paper agendas, but I find them too big to carry around all the time, and everything becomes messy when there are changes in schedules. School Planner helps you plan your schedule through a timetable, organize your homework & assignments, and even manage your grades. I just started using it today, and I am loving it so far!

For more information, visit this link.

Source:   Google Play

Source: Google Play


11. Slack (Android / iOS)*

Used by individuals at Harvard and IBM, among others, Slack is a fantastic app where teamwork and collaboration is involved. Integrate your tasks with other services like Google Drive and Dropbox for consistent work, and efficiently share documents with group members. I use it with several different groups, and it really makes communication a lot easier, through different threads nested in the overarching channel. Watch the video to learn more!  

Website: slack.com


12. Tide (Android / iOS)*

This productivity app combines the Pomodoro Technique with white noise and the soothing sounds of nature to help you focus on finishing that assignment, or perhaps studying for an important exam. Work more efficiently by breaking up the load into separate intervals, with rest breaks in between. Another notable feature is 'music fusion', which combines white noise with music. Now, go ace that test!

Website: tide.moreless.io

Source:   App Store

Source: App Store


13. Wunderlist (Android / iOS)

This ultimate to-do list helps you stay organized with your tasks, using folders, list-sharing, hashtags, and more. You can download Wunderlist onto all your devices to have your lists at your fingertips, at all times.

Website: wunderlist.com

Budgeting & Finance


14. Fudget (Android / iOS)

Worried about where your money is being spent? This simple budgeting/personal financing app will help you manage your income and expenses through organized lists and an easy-to-learn interface.

Website: fudget.dconnell.co.uk


15. Splitwise (Android / iOS)

Going out for food and drinks with my friends is something I enjoy doing often, but sometimes, I forget to bring cash... or we decide it's easier to pay one full bill. Or I try to split a "BUY 3, GET 3 FREE" sale with my roommate and it gets really difficult (music majors are not usually mathematicians). And speaking of roommates, let's not forget about those rent or hydro bills. Keep track of bills and IOUs with Splitwise, and let the app do the math for you. It even helps you send out email reminders to those who owe you money. 

Website: splitwise.com


RECOMMENDED: Mobile Banking*

Open up your bank's mobile app for easy money transfers, to monitor your accounts, and to deposit cheques simply just by taking a photo.



16. Khan Academy (Android / iOS)

We have all walked out of a lecture thinking, "What the heck just happened?". Even after reviewing your notes and texts for the nth time, you're still left feeling confused. Khan Academy provides you with easy-to-understand videos/tutorials for a wide range of subjects, right at your fingertips. (Confession: I probably would not have made it past Grade 11 Functions without them).

For more information, visit this link.

Source:   Khan Academy

Source: Khan Academy


17. Memrise (Android / iOS)

Pick up a new hobby in your free time and learn a new language with Memrise. Play games, watch thousands of native-speaker videos, speak with Chatbots to learn French, German, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Swedish... the works! Sounds like some productive fun to me!

Website: memrise.com


18. Quizlet (Android / iOS)*

Preparing for an upcoming exam? Test yourself on-the-go with flashcards and study sets created by you or other students on Quizlet. It's a great tool to help with memorizing facts and concepts - my roommate uses this all the time for her psychology courses, and it's been quite effective! 

Website: quizlet.com


19. TED (Android / iOS)

So, I'm sure you've heard of the internationally renowned videos and conferences called TED Talks. Now, they've developed an award-winning app so you can access all these educational and inspirational videos on- and offline (just download them to watch later). 

Website: ted.com

Source:   Expert Reviews

RECOMMENDED: Your university's app(s)

Stay connected to university/college news and events with your institution's app - you never know what important information it may tell (SNOW DAY!). I'm not sure what features other universities have, but mine includes a safety app with a campus map, emergency numbers, and even a loud alarm.



20. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Android / iOS)*

Get the beauty sleep you need and deserve with this intelligent alarm clock app. It analyzes your sleeping patterns and wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase, which leaves you feeling awake and well-rested. Never arrive grumpy and groggy to those morning lectures again!

Website: sleepcycle.com


21. Sleepo (Android / similar on iOS: Relax Melodies)*

With Sleepo, users can combine sounds of rain, nature, the city, white noise, and meditational music, creating a customized soundtrack to fall asleep to. I actually used this just last night, and the transition to sleep was so smooth and relaxing. You can also customize the timer to turn off the track after a set duration. 

For more information, visit this link.

Source:   Google Play

Source: Google Play

21 Apps Every University Student Should Download

What apps do you use to make life as a student easier?